Welcome to our School

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The School, gathered in the new Library to celebrate 
its opening.

Beginning of Year Arrangements:

This message is to let you know about the planned arrangements for the start of our school year.  School re-opens next week, with all classes beginning again on Monday 2nd February at 9am.   

Andrew de Wit will be working as our Acting Principal during the first 5 weeks of school.  This means, that for Room 5, he will be released from the classroom for three days a week to cover most aspects of the Principals role.  It is a busy time of the year with parent/community relations, Ministry of Education reports and ERO preparations (they're due in Term 2).  Your consideration of when it could be an appropriate time to meet with Andrew and contacting the office (mornings only and after 3pm) would be greatly appreciated during this period.  He will still be teaching in the classroom for two days a week.  We have been fortunate to employ Leann Rice during this period.  Leann has previously worked at both Maidstone and Oxford Crescent.    

For the first week, Andrew will be in the classroom on Monday, Leann will then teach the rest of the first week.  From week two onwards Andrew will be in the classroom on Tuesday and Wednesday, with Leann taking Monday, Thursday and Friday for Room 5.   

Please remember this is a temporary solution until our new Principal, Lisa is able to start on March 9.  Lisa is joining our staff for their teacher only day before school starts.  She is also joining the Board for our first meeting later in Feb.   Enjoy the last few days of the school holidays, and the real summer weather we are having.   

Warm regards, 

Graeme  Cosslett
BOT Chairperson