Homework Challenges

These were developed by parents and staff have been working together to develop a senior school homework model. It was developed after considering research on homework and its effectiveness and is based on the Home Learning philosophy of Windsor School in Christchurch. 

It is expected that all students will be completing nightly reading and basic facts activities. An outline for these two areas is attached. Beyond this, students can choose from a range of home based learning challenges, under the below headings, to complete throughout the term. Families are welcome to extend or adapt projects to meet their families’ needs.

The expectation is that students will bring in the results of their challenges and share them with their classmates at least twice a term

Click the link to download:

Reading and Basic Facts                                    New Initiatives                                     Giving

Creative Minds  (Updated Feb 2014)                   Conservation                                        Activation Physical  Activity Homework

Below are worksheets that will help you carry out your challenges. The inquiry model guide is the one that we use schoolwide. The science investigation model is also used school-wide but is adapted depending on the year level. All students should be familiar with these two models.