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Creative Minds

Creative Minds (8 challenges to choose from)

Aim of these challenges:

·        To encourage students to get creative!

ICT Skills


The Arts

 The Arts continued

Presentation (in your Google Drive)

·        Make a presentation about your family, a hobby or another area of interest (a foreign country?).

·        Be prepared to share this with your classmates using cue cards to help you remember key points.


Baking- Create your own recipe. 

·        Cookies, cakes, a meal time surprise?  Create and trial your own recipe.  Adapt a family favourite.  Record your steps and success on video or using Explain Everything, with your family's feedback.


·        Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, what is unique about our current season?  Take photos to show our season’s story.




 Use Garage-band or similar to  create an original piece of  music. 

ICT Skills

- Make a video to share with your classmates.

·        Will it be about your family, a hobby, or will it be a play that you have made up?

·        Make sure you draft out (storyboard) a plan before you start.


ICT Skills/ Creating

Use either Minecraft or Hopscotch - don't just create a world or place, develop a story or use what you have created to teach the class something. Stories, quizzes, a quest will be exciting to watch. See the Room Five website for ideas and challenges . 


·        Create a song-with or without an instrument.

·        Make up the lyrics, make up the beat, and perform alone or with a buddy.

Perform live or record on video and bring in to show us!

 Visual Art

 Make an original piece of  artwork, either 2D or 3D.  Chronicle the steps you take  in a Presentation with the final  slide revelling the finished  product.