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Giving (6 challenges to choose from)

Aim of these challenges:

·        To play an active, caring role in our community.

Give to your family

·        Prepare three meals over the term or do three jobs for your family (wash the cars, mow the lawns etc).

Give of your time

·        Visit an elderly person at least twice over a school term. 

·        Interview an elderly person about the changes they have seen in their lifetime.

Give to families in need

·        With a partner find a way to help those in need (pack up your old toys and take them to the Salvation Army etc).

Give to your family extn

·        Prepare a formal meal for your family.  Make a menu, take photographs of the meal and ask your guests for feedback.

An act of Kindness

·        Surprise a neighbour or relative with some baking or paint them a picture.



Design your own challenge.