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New Initiatives

New Initiatives (5 challenges to choose from)

Aims of these challenges:

·        Students will design and research a new initiative to enhance our school

·        Students will use their strengths to enhance our school

School Proposals



What next for our school? The sandpit has been completed. What do you think should be built or created to make Mangaroa a better place for students. 

Draw up a plan. Make a list materials  that might be needed. Think about and estimate how much it would cost.

Lunchtime Sport

·        Plan a three week rotation of a lunchtime sport of your choice.  Make sure you include rules, umpires, a draw and resources.

Start up a club

·        What is your passion?  Tramping, building huts, card games?  Set up a club with your classmates and together with your family, plan an afterschool field trip.  Write a journal recording your progress.

School Garden Development

·        How can we improve our school garden?

·        Draft out a design of how we could extend our school garden.  What could we grow? What else could be included in the garden area?  Tables?  Art work?  Approach an outdoor/hardware centre for pricing.

How else could we improve our school?

·        If you have a great idea to improve our school, write it down!  How could we make your dream a reality?  What costs are involved?