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Reading and Basic Facts

Reading and Basic Facts



It is an expectation that students are reading at home every night.  If your child is not receiving a reading group journal, then they will be expected to be reading a book co-selected with either their classroom teacher or parent.  Books can be taken out from both the school library and mobile library.

Students should be keeping a reading log (notebook or use form below) to keep a track of independent reading progress. This should be returned to school at the end of each term for evaluation and celebration. Parents are encouraged to read with, discuss and develop ways to encourage independent reading habits.

Reading Log


Basic Facts

It is an expectation that students spend time each night practising their basic facts.  There are a variety of ways students are able to do this.

1.      Through the weekly basic facts (can be found on school website in Reading and Basic facts section)

2.      Through making up basic facts card games at home and playing them with the family

3.      Through using one of the below websites.

Families can also go onto the NZ Maths site and under families there are some activities and games that students can access at home.

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